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Sunday, February 3, 2008

This is Happening....

Purely New NOW ARTThe AbZtraKt Synergy Collective Attempts to Bring Physical Awareness to Eternal Time, Cycling through the Seasons and the Stars. The Present Fantastic Moment of Life might be Raised Above the Framed Painting~ the Individual Can become Empowered and Inspired to Create and Step Out of the Box of Sameness. Children Can Be encouraged to Participate in their own lives, taking Action to Raise their own Awareness of the Magic Moment. Chance Alchemical Operations of Happening-Event Spectacles Will Empower the Community to Participate in its own Growth and Power to Change and Continue to Change and Transform, Deconstruct and Rebuild, Dialogue, Fracture, Disintegrate, Reunite, Enfold, Unfold, Remain Retold, Re-Re-Re-Learn the Element of Guerilla Theater and Fantastic
Bombastic Street Mayhem Shock of Transcendant Light Emanating Trans-Lucent-Trance-Dimensional Dimentia Obsession Direction Inclusion.

Consider Yourselves Updated Versions of Previously ReinCarnated Auxiliary Systems.

You are Participating in the FLUXFLEXperimental experiential updating of Modulations Required in the 21st Century to Harmonize in Graceful Simplistic Rivers of Computerized Time Signature DNA Pattern Woven Womblike Wistfully Un-Wasting Wonderfully. Ladies and Gentlemen,
AbZtraKt SyNeRgY Happens.........


Amanda Koh said...

The pictures of the event are just awesome, Aaron! Can we get the video up here, too!? :) Man - So nice to see the art from this perspective!! It looks spectacular!

Df Killswitch said...

Beautiful Post bro

Diggin how you flipped it!!

I would say more but its 4 in the mornin


An Abztrakt Synergy Show History

~February Last Thursday
~Street Performances All Over Portland
~Alberta Street Fair; Portland OR
~Urban Art Festival Fundraiser; Tacoma, WA
~Hell's Kitchen Club; Tacoma, WA
~Seattle Art Museum
~Pike Place Market; Seattle, WA
~The Last Supper Club; Seattle, WA
~First Night: New Year's Eve; Tacoma, WA
~Kulture Lab Event; Tacoma, WA
~Enterbeing Community Center; Portland, OR
~Alberta Art Hop; Portland, OR
~MetaPoeisis Art and Music Festival; Portland, OR
~SOAK!! Oregon Burning Man Regional Gathering
~STRUT! with Kaosmosis at the Wonder; Portland, OR
~Village Building Convergence with City Repair; Portland, OR
~Alberta Art Hop!!; Portland, OR
~Pala Lounge; Portland, OR
~Fez Ballroom; Portland, OR
~Corazon D'Amour with Kaosmosis at the Wonder; Portland
~Many, Many Last Thursdays
~Alberta Art Hop
~Concrete the Studio and Gallery; Portland
~Tribe Theater and Gallery; Portland
~Fuel Cafe; Portland

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