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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thoughts on 21st CENTURY ART

The achievement of the dance-art of the future will make the art of spiritual harmony possible; the true stage-composition.
The composition of the future will consist of:

1)Musical movement
2)Pictorial movement
3)Physical movement

Properly combined, a spiritual harmony will manifest////

Constructive Effort in the Creative Arts:
1)simple composition-regulated to the obvious, simple form-MELODIC
2)complex composition-various forms possessed of a strong inner value-SYMPHONIC

1>direct impression of an outward nature-
pure artistic form

2>unconscious, spontaneous, improv of inner character,
non-material nature

3>slowly formed inner feeling, coming to utterance after a long maturing [COMPOSITION]

Inspired by Concerning the Spiritual in Art
by Wassily Kandinsky{1914}

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~The Last Supper Club; Seattle, WA
~First Night: New Year's Eve; Tacoma, WA
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